Winning Bid: AED7,850

Team members

Byju John
Ajeesh N.V
Shehan Lasitha Rupassara Pediged
Satheesh Sukumaran
Arun Kumar Kotheri Kunnummal

Parts Used

Lower Arms
Differential Chains
Exhaust Tips
Upper Arms
Engine Timing Chains
Connecting Rods
Crown – RDU
Spark Plugs
Clutch Discs
Clutch Plates
Pressure Plates
Timing Gears
Bearings – Crank Shaft
Under shield Brackets
Valve Bucket Shims
Transmission Friction Plate Set
Wheel Bearings
Wheel Bearing Balls
Propeller Shaft Connecting Gears
Sun Gears – RDU
Oil Sump
RR Boot Arms
Timing Chain Tensioner
Engine Crankshaft Outside Pulleys
Rotary Pumps
Torque Converter Housing Plates
Valve Springs
Seat Track Frames

Item condition: New

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We decided to create something that represents our company, and no one has even tried before – a UNIQUE creation.
Then, we started researching and we happened to see the “BRONCO” Logo, which gave a spark in us and motivated us to go for it.
Our great challenge was to balance the horse only on FRT two legs, and we succeeded to maintain the “Bronco” posture as on the logo.
We believe this is a combination of both creative and engineering skills, and with everyone’s effort we were succeeded in giving life to our
project in real dimension.