Winning Bid: AED740

Team members

Ravindra Perera
Prasad Perla
Mahesh Ghag
Pavan Panjankar
Salem Abdulal
Bhupinder Singh
Mukesh Singh

Parts Used

Engine fly wheel
Clutch plate
Pressure plate
Window regulator cables
Seat belts
Brake disc
Timing chain
Upper arms
Timing gear

Item condition: New

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The guitar is a fretted musical instrument that typically has six strings. It is held flat against the player’s body and played by strumming or plucking the strings with the dominant hand, while simultaneously pressing selected strings against frets with the fingers of the opposite hand. A plectrum or individual finger picks may also be used to strike the strings. The sound of the guitar is projected either acoustically, by means of a resonant chamber on the instrument, or amplified by an electronic pickup and an amplifier.